The Studio

The Studio is an award-winning interior design studio where progressive thinking is embodied.  This stems from a comprehensive blend of talent and capabilities in the fields of luxury residential, hospitality, and commercial interiors.  We seamlessly blend inspired creativity with practical delivery to exceed our clients expectations.

Deniece Duscheone began her career studying both architecture and interior design.  She creates timeless interiors that merge art, architecture, and interior design that help elevate the ideas of space.

Our work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazine, Rob Report, Boutique Design, House Beautiful, and many other publications. The Studio has also won several design awards both nationally and internationally.

The Team

Skye Barry: Marketing + Social Media Director

Born and raised in San Diego my neighborhood taught me from an early age about the importance of immersing myself in the nature of our surrounding environments. Whether it be beaches along the west coast or forests on the east, I fully believe in the intrinsic value of incorporating the existing landscape into our communities and designs. I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a bachelor's in advertising as well as minors in physics, math, and astronomy. I became passionate about these fields of study because they are universally applicable to so many other endeavors. I use this knowledge and experience to drive our marketing efforts and custom designs forward. I am also extremely passionate about fashion and the visual arts, and I enjoy rollerblading through Santa Monica in my free time.

Daniela Sui: Interior Designer

Growing up in the East Bay, I was nestled in between a world of art and color, with celebrations from my biracial heritage. My time at the University of Oregon only fueled my passion for bringing communities together through design. As designers, we have the ability to envision and build a better environment for people to thrive physically, mentally, and spiritually. From the office to traveling, I love collecting new experiences and gaining a deeper understanding of the world's beauty from different perspectives. Other than my artistic pursuits, my life passions include snowboarding, badminton, and spending time with my French Bulldog, Drizzy.

Isaac Espejel: Senior Interior Designer

My passion for architecture and design developed in my early childhood when my father took me to work with him at his property development business. Ever since those days spent at job sites, I have been fascinated watching blueprints evolve into reality. After earning an AA in Architecture Technology from Southwestern College, and a BFA in Interior Design from the Design Institute of San Diego, I entered the design world to explore my passion for interiors. I am currently working as a senior designer with experience in a wide range of hospitality, commercial, and residential projects. I’m also an amateur pianist, so when I’m not busy with work, I spend my time playing Chopin.


Architectural Digest - San Francisco Decorators Showcase

Elle Decor - High Style Rooms with Blue Accents

design et al - 'City Space' Global Award in International Design & Architecture

Interior Design - Best in Design Book, Residential

Interior Design - Rising Giant & Hospitality Giant

Gentry Magazine - 3-Gold Awards for Home Design Excellence

Traditional Home Magazine - 'Blue Velvet'

Robb Report - Top 100 Luxury Hotels in the World List