San Francisco Decorators Showcase 2019

Thank you for visiting our powder room at the 2019 San Francisco Decorators Showcase. We hope you have been inspired and enjoyed our design.

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It's a crooked path with beckoning whispers assigned to those on the same frequency. Only the vain and vapid unite for intermittent yet intimate escapes, We all know it’s a fine line from desires to regrets. Somewhere between dusk and dawn, the subtle rustling of the branches in my garden gather strength. Sleeping spirits in hot pursuit of the evening air crave the dew on my skin, recalling past parties when romance danced through these walls and the mischievous confided under the stairs. Social obligations require departures from reality. Lost or entranced? It’s up to you. This jewel box of a powder room is a mystical garden of magic and the macabre. The naïve perch on the tufted swing with sacred smiles and joyous frolicking, while others giggle over misfortunes and paper cuts and imbibe in total debauchery.

No one can possibly know what goes on in here. It’s actually nobody’s business! Nothing truly bites in my garden… or does it? Adjust yourself darling, I can’t have you becoming unraveled out there in front of the Goldberg’s and Smith’s. Frequent jaunts back and forth and forth and back will keep the night young, but I have always been strict on when to leave the party.

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